Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Why Mountain Wave Bodyworks?

Many pilots couldn't explain a mountain wave. Some lose their lives to them.

What is a mountain wave? In the simplest terms, a mountain wave happens when stable air travels over a mountain and is met with a similar force from the other side. This makes an upright ridge of air that destabilizes the atmosphere around the peaks, creating turbulence.

Does this sound like your life?
Here you are - diligently working toward a goal, large or small. Something stalls your progress, creating stress.

Stress might be mental (a challenging project at work or difficult people) or physical (an injury, illness or simple muscle tension). You might experience stress as headaches, body pain, emotional outbursts or a feeling of exhaustion.

Mountain Wave Massage and Bodywork offers Shiatsu and Thai massage with stretching to allow your body to process the stress reactions.
Ride a wave right over your personal mountains to achieve goals and be the best you that you can be.
Cranio sacral balancing is a gentle, noninvasive bodywork that uses stillness to allow the body to activate its own healing.

Most forms of massage are performed over clothing. Without oils or a need to change clothes, a Mountain Wave massage sends you back to your life with little fuss.

Mountain Wave Massage and Bodywork therapists are sensitive to modesty needs.